Cultivation and production

Since creating, strengthening, and supporting the agricultural production chain increases added value, reduces costs, increases product quality, and ultimately economic prosperity, the union seeks to create an effective link between cultivation, production, and exports. In addition, the union intends to increase Iranian products competitiveness in international markets.

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Currently T.R.Salamat Company are able to supply our clients with a variety of quality Herbs , saffron, spiced, gums and other raw materials.

Supplier and Exporter of Iranian Herbs

Production Rose Water, Plant waters, Herbal Distillates, Essential oils, Herbal Syrups Drinks

The first producer of herbal & fruit tea "Dr. Bean" brand with 30 years of experience in cultivation,processing and packaging of herb

Producer and exporter of Medicinal herbs and herbal medicines

Producing and procurement of medicinal herbs

Saharkhiz Agricultural Company, with about 90 years of experience in the field of production, packaging, distribution and export of saffron and other packaged foods, is active in domestic and export

Avijeh Salamat Sepehr Company is a manufacturer of various types of saffron packaging, dried vegetables, ready and semi-prepared foods, and various spices with Newgreen and Sapphire brands.

This company activity is harvesting,packing and exporting medicinal herbs and saffron