Medicinal Plants

Since man is a part of nature, for sure for every disease, the nature has provided a cure in the form of herbs. The closer a person gets to nature, the healthier he is and the longer he lives. For this reason, the more human beings turn to nature and benefit from its blessings. Subsequently diseases will be treated faster, better and safer. It should be noted that only chemical drugs do not treat humans. The presence of medicinal plants in nature is one of the great divine blessings.

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Export Management company in MAPs Sector

Agriculture Livestock Marketing, Sales and Exports and Tourism Sector Mohammad Mehdi Arabnejad

Avijeh Salamat Sepehr Company is a manufacturer of various types of saffron packaging, dried vegetables, ready and semi-prepared foods, and various spices with Newgreen and Sapphire brands.

Simin pokht industry company

This company activity is harvesting,packing and exporting medicinal herbs and saffron